Mums for Mums was established in 2011 as a one off fundraiser to help a friend who was battling cancer for a second time.  After this fundraiser we were approached to support other families in need and we grew from there. Our purpose is to support families through times of illness, so they can spend quality time as a family, through providing assistance with cleaning, laundry, meals, rosters for car pooling and taking people to treatment and physical and mental rehabilitation. As each family’s situation is different, and the support they require differs we consult with the families directly to determine how we can support them through Mums for Mums.

Mums for Mums have supported families with a weekly cleaner, laundry service, assisting their friends setting up meal rosters, filling their freezers with meals from Corella Catering and giving them one on one life coaching sessions  to help in their rehabilitation after surgery. We have supported families with day care and nanny fees, to enable parents to go out to work or continue working. We have had mums who were at the end of their treatments who we gave a weekend at a farm stay at Port Stephens to regroup and just enjoy the company of each other, the country side and the animals.

In total we have now supported 39  families and each family required different support from us.